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    Easy Travel with Private Banking

    Customize private jets and cruises. Exclusive jets, customization, purchasing service, more comfortable, more relax, enabling you to travel freely.
    Easy Travel Accompanies You on Your Journey
    There are quicken paces; there is also time for harvest;
    There are far places we yearn; there is also time to enjoy time spent on the journey;
    Talking and laughing, while planes taking off and landing.

    CMBC Private Banking Easy Travel, before starting each business journey, pack for successful people, pave one enjoyable business journey after another with easy, convenient, considerate, and elegant services.
    * The first private bank in China with business jets
    * Global top private jet purchase consulting services bring you with more spacious room
    * Provide financing service for private jet purchase
    * Unique reservation of private jets, offering new travel experience
    * 48 hours response in China, fully enjoying unique flexibility and exceptional comfort
    * Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault  …  there is always one jet right for you.
    * Moreover, limousine and security guards are at your choices.

    The aim of all these services is to offer you more convenient, safe, and prompt broad space
    On the road of business travel, you aren ’ t traveling alone, because we are caring you anytime besides you.

    In 2013, we will continue to provide unique full-journey business travel services, and meet the needs of different VIP guests through personalized solutions, so that each VIP guest on business travel to success can relax anytime anyplace.
    Global business jet reservation service: more choices in wider scope, not only for revealing your identity, but for enhancing your efficiency by saving time
    Business jet flying experience:facing multiple choice, you can have a try in person to choose what suits you the best and what is most worthy of you.
    Limousine service: not only for politeness and honor, but more for creating a more intimate trip for you and your best friends
    Enjoy life on top of clouds and controlling everything with ease

    CMBC Private Banking  – “ Falcon 7X ”manufactured by Dassault in France. CMBC becomes the first private bank with business jet.
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