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    Governmental Unit Card

    Governmental unit card, which is provided for governmental unit card users, is a unique debit card by which an authorized person can operate the capitals in the unit settlement account.

    1. Safer unit authorization
    It’s safe to require that the card holder who can open a unit card shall be authorized by the unit instead of depending on personal willingness.
    2. More flexible authorized limit
    The applicable capital limit of the card holder after card opening shall be authorized by the unit customer. The authorized limit can be adjusted at any time in flexible ways such as one-time limit and periodic limit.
    3. More convenient one-account-many-card
    One unit deposit account can open several unit cards for different holders,  for  more convenient use.

    Service Charges
    Free of charge of opening unit cards.
    Application and Approval Process
    1. Open a unit settlement account:
    The procedures are the same with those of opening unit current accounts.
    2. Open a card:
    Submit a  Debit Card (Governmental unit card) Application  stamped with common seal (or reserved seal in our branch) and valid ID certificate of the card owner.
    3. Obtain:
    The card owner can obtain his/her card by card receipt slip seven days after card opening.
    4. Set the authorized limit:
    You can set the authorized limit taking valid ID certificate, governmental unit card and a  Debit Card Applicable Limit Adjustment Application  stamped with common seal (or reserved seal in our branch) with you. After successful setting, the governmental unit card can be used normally.

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