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    Mobile Bank

    Mobile Bank is the mobile financial service provided to you by us by using mobile telecommunications network and mobile devices. You can use Minsheng Mobile Bank to check account balance, make money transfers or remittances, pay your bills or make payments, make investments or purchase wealth management products, and check on loan information, you can also enjoy privilege services such as mobile number money transfer, cross-bank account management, pooling of inter-bank funds, service booking and exclusive mobile wealth management services. The transactions are in real time and settlement service is for free. It is great helpers for you to manage your account money, make quick payments and save remittance fees.
    Zero fee on account activation and transaction
    You can activate you Minsheng Mobile Bank for free. Meanwhile, you can also make money transfers under the same customer name, make transfers within the bank, make money transfers and remittances across the banks, pool the inter-bank funds, make money transfers via mobile number and enjoy active payment receiving services. The charge is zero. This will help you to save a large amount of transaction fees.
    App download to ensure convenient use
    We have three versions: iPhone Version, iPad Version and Android Version, covering almost all the terminals of smartphones and mobile devices. If you are having an iPhone or iPad, you only need to search Minsheng Mobile Bank app in the App Store and download it; if you are using an Android smartphone, you can log onto http://www.cmbc.com.cn/m/cmbc.apk to download it. This process is simple and convenient.
    Checking on Minsheng and other bank accounts to get an overall sense
    We provide checking service on Minsheng and other bank accounts. With a few clicks, you can see all your accounts. All you have to do is to make some clicks on Minsheng Bank Account. Then you can see the balances and transactions of all the accounts in the system. you can also change the account name, declare loss of your bank account card and change the password. You can also check on the balances of other agreement banks and change the account names to save time and effort.
    Intra-bank fund pooling for convenient fund management
    In order to ensure centralized bank account management services and improve fund management efficiency, Minsheng Bank has created the pooling function of all mobile bank accounts. With this function, you can add all the bank accounts into the Minsheng Account by signing an Internet Payment Agreement. The charges are zero and the operations are simple and convenient. This will help our customers to improve fund use efficiency and reduce the management cost on your fund.
    Connectivity across banks to ensure timely transactions in real-time
    The second generation settlement and payment system of the People's Bank of China is used for Minsheng Mobile Bank to ensure connectivity between online banks and provide money transfer and remittance services in real time. You can get the feedback timely and enjoy convenient money transfer services.
    Use mobile number for transactions
    If you do not know the account of the payee and you need to transfer money to him/her, Minsheng Mobile Bank can get this job done for you. All you have to do is to enter the name of the payee, amount of money and the transaction password. You can choose the payee in you mobile phonebook and enter the amount of money, then you can enjoy fast and convenient money transfer services. With Minsheng Mobile Bank, you can not only make payments to Minsheng Bank users. Actually you can make payments to three types of payees, Minsheng Mobile Bank Customers, Non-Mobile Bank Customers and Customers of Other Banks. The payees can receive the payments via Mobile Bank Customers or customer hotline 95568. The operations are simple, secure and fast.
    Use Mobile Bank for convenient checking and queuing
    With Minsheng Mobile Bank, you can avoid queuing for long hours because we can provide you checking service on bank branch network and booking on banking services. With you Minsheng Mobile Bank, you can check on any Minsheng branch nearby or in designated regions, get information on their business hours, contact numbers, address, public transport routes and business load. You can also make online bookings so that you can take your time when going to the branch. This can help you save time and improve efficiency.
    Enjoy a variety of wealth management and investment services designed exclusively for you
    Minsheng Online Bank provided open-ended and closed-ended products, fund share subscriptions and redemption, precious metal trading, banking note service and other services to meet the investment needs of the customers. Meanwhile, we can provide exclusive wealth management services for you whose returns are higher and steadier than similar products sold at the counter, to help you enjoy good returns on your investment.
    Charity donations services for you to showcase your love
    We provide public charity donation services. You can log onto Minsheng Online Bank anytime anywhere to make donations to 10 major charity groups, including China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and China Children & Teenagers Fund. This is a good platform for you to show your humanity for good causes.
    Enjoy extra value mobile services without logging onto the website
    We provide a fashionable and user-friendly interface for our customers. You can download the app and then use it. You do not need to log onto the website to get all information on the latest financial news, practical financial instruments and lifestyle, including saving/leading interest rates, fund net values, securities, wealth management products, fund markets, latest movies, air tickets and charge standards. You can also check on the bank network map, use the deposit/loan calculator and the calculator on housing reserve as well as the calculator on personal taxes.
    All sorts of protection measures to ensure transaction safety
    To ensure that you account money is safe, we have taken numerous protection measures to provide you the most reliable and safest mobile financial services, including bundling of the transaction device, dynamic code verification, password protection, auto logout, password security level control, anti-fraud and anti-fishing and SSL secure transfer.
    Service Charges
    No charge on the mobile bank service


    You can apply for online banking services on the mobile bank app, personal online bank (U Key) or at the counter:
    Signing an agreement on the app
    As long as you have any of Minsheng Card, Current Deposit Bankbook, Time Deposit Bankbook and Credit Card, you can register at the mobile bank app. After signing an agreement, you can enjoy the money transfer-out and payment services. If you need to make out-transfers or payments, please go to any Minsheng branch or use the Personal Online Bank VIP U Treasure to activate these services.
    Signing agreement to become U Treasure customers
    The U Treasure customers can log onto their Personal Online VIP Version Bank and choose “Mobile Bank Agreement”; after reading this protocol, you can choose the card number under this agreement; you need to enter your mobile phone number, money transfer limit, logon password,  and reminder note. After you have entered the account password, you can click to get the SMS code. Enter the SMS to activate your online bank.
    Signing agreement at the counter
    You can take Minsheng debit card, credit card, current deposit bankbook or time deposit bank book and valid ID papers to fill in a China Minsheng Bank Online Banking Service Application Form at any of the branch. Then you can activate your online bank service.


    To ensure transaction security of your mobile bank account, we strongly recommend the following protection measures be taken:
    When you are using the counter, VIP Version U Treasure and Mobile Online Bank to register for your mobile bank services, the mobile number you fill in shall be your own number.
    You shall download trusted apps on www.cm.bc.com.cn or in app stores.
    The passwords for logon and transaction confirmation shall be different to avoid being cracked by others.
    Please keep the important information and leak it to nobody, including your account number, logon password and transaction password.
    When you’re using the mobile bank, you need to prevent others from seeing you operate.
    To ensure transaction safety on mobile phone, you shall have a safety lock function for your mobile phone to prevent authorized use of your mobile phone.
    Please be aware of the mobile viruses and install professional anti0vurus software in your mobile phone.
    If your mobile phone has been lost, you need to freeze you account by calling 95568 or cancel mobile bank service at the counter (U Key) to ensure fund security.
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