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    1. If you want to know more in addition to investor relations, contact:
        phone:   (8610)68946790(Beijing) 
        fax:   (8610)68466796(Beijing) 
        mialbox:   cmbc@cmbc.com.cn 
        communication address:   AT The Seven Floor OF Jiabin Building of Friendship Hotel,NO.1
        Zhongguancun South Street,Haidian Borough,Beijing City 
        postcode:   100873 

      For more information on investor relations, please send an e-mail to the e-mail address mentioned above. Please enclose your name and contact info and indicate whether you are individual or institutional investor. Institutional investors are required to specify the name of the institution.

      For more information in addition to investor relations, please contact the customer service center of your local Minsheng branch through service hotline 95568, or visit the CMBC website to reach us. We will make every effort to provide rapid, accurate and convenient services to you.
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